Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Case for Trading Justin Morneau

I know this may sound nuts but getting rid of Justin would help the team out. If we could get top of the rotation starter and few prospects why not do it. Justin is a great player up to the All-Star break, but after the break he is a below average player. Expect for his MVP year in 2006 here are his stats in August and September

August BA= .227 HR=2 RBI=7
September BA= .215 HR=2 RBI=15

August BA= ..282 HR=3 RBI=22
September BA= .243 HR=2 RBI=21

August BA= .220 HR=3 RBI=13
September BA= .077HR=1 RBI=4

He gets paid lots of money to produce but when the pressure is on and the Pennant race kicks in he is no where to be found. Micheal Cuddyer has proven that he can handle the 1st base job and still hit for power and average. The team has been on their best run of the season with Justin out of the the line up. The line up has been producing it best numbers all year. Cuddyer has been the major catalyst in all of this. Delmon Young is proving he can play at high level since the injury. He is batting .300 over the 37 games and has 6 home runs and 20 RBI's

Moving Cuddyer to 1st base opens up the outfield for Young, Gomez and Span. This way Span will not be bouncing around all over. Kubel could still do the DH and be the 4th outfielder.

Pitching is the part of this team that needs to be fixed, trading Morneau would help solve that problem. Plus it would save money to sign Mauer and make up grades to the team.

Okay let the ripping begin

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gophers new Stadium

I was able to attend the Gophers vs Air Force game on Saturday at the new TCF Bank Stadium. I have to say that place is state of the art. There are no bad seats in the whole place.

I do have a few pro's and con's of TCF Bank Stadium, They are as follows:


Wide open concourses
Great Site lines and Views of Downtown
Short lines to the restrooms and seperate Urianals instead of the long metal tubs at the Metrodome

Cons: I know this was the first game so hopefully as time goes on they can get them figured out.

Seats seem to be small (or I am just fat)

Getting into the stadium took a while. They had lines for Men and Women. A lot less women go to the games then men. I think they need to make a few of the women's lines men's lines..

Concession lines were long and the people working in them were very slow. We had 5 people in line in front of us. After waiting 10 minutes and only 2 people being served we decided to wait and come back later. Plus I did not think the food was all the good. It was okay but nothing to write home about.

My overall experience was very good. I love the stadium and what it means to the University. It should really help with recruiting.